About Me

Hi Everyone, 

I would like to introduce myself, but first I wanted to mention that I am one of those Etsy artists who kept using their hands and their creativity to make things. 

I have been creating and fabricating Jewelry since 2007, using mainly Etsy as a selling platform. I am still selling on Etsy.com, but at the same time trying to promote my website! My name is Isabella, I live in San Diego, with my husband and lovely daughter. I was born in Italy, in the Venice area and moved to California at the end of the nineties. I make jewelry, using mostly sterling silver, gold and beautiful stones.

Stilosissima's Inspiration comes from Modern Art. The love for all different 20th century art movements is behind each and every one creation.  Minimalism and its essential elements, simple designs, representation of shapes and celebration of geometry. All these with some timeless elements such as flowers and vibrant colors constitute the core of the artist's vision.

" I always wanted to be original and always wanted to wear something special and unique, so, I started to create little things just for myself. Then, I realized that the process of creating something beautiful and precious is very much rewarding and fulfilling and I was loving every moment of it. This was the beginning of a journey that brought me where I am today. I took several classes. I wanted to experiment and use different materials. There are different ways and methods to make jewelry, I use traditional hand fabricating techniques "

 With great excitement,  I was a featured Etsy seller in May 2013.

This experience made me grow immensely  as an artist and a seller. I like to take care of every aspect of my online store, I am the designer, the maker and  the photographer.

"I love to create, I love to think that I can envision and create what I like and what I design"

"The idea that my  jewelry pieces are chosen to celebrate an important day or event in people's life makes me happy"